How do you know you need help with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Caregiving?

The guidebook, “It’s Not That Simple: Helping Families Navigate the Alzheimer’s Journey,” helps family members who have dementia care questions, such as:

  • Information on the types of dementia, Alzheimer’s medications, dementia testing, and symptoms of dementia and what you should look for
  • How do you know WHEN it’s time to look at moving to a senior care community?
  • What do you do if one person is still independent and the other needs dementia care? Can we still live together?
  • What senior living options are out there these days?
  • Who’s on your dementia care team?
  • How do you talk with someone who has dementia or Alzheimer’s?
  • How do you handle the emotions (yours and theirs) that come with dementia and Alzheimer’s?
  • What’s the best way to visit, leave, and take a loved one with dementia home for the holidays and family events?

It's Not That Simple: Helping Families Navigate the Alzheimer's Journey

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About Pam Ostrowski, the Author of It’s Not That Simple

I’m Pam Ostrowski. I felt called to write It’s Not That Simple: Helping Families Navigate the Alzheimer’s Journey after my 14-year dementia and Alzheimer’s journey with my parents. If this is your first journey with dementia and Alzheimer’s, you want a guide who has walked in your shoes and invested in understanding senior healthcare and dementia in all aspects. That’s why I became a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®, a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP®), and Certified in Dementia Care® (CDC®). Read more details about my dementia and Alzheimer’s journey with my parents.


Need a Dementia Caregiving Speaker?

Pam Ostrowski speaks on a wide variety of dementia and Alzheimer’s caregiving topics based on her 14-year Alzheimer’s journey with her mother, her Alzheimer’s guidebook, It’s Not That Simple: Helping Families Navigate the Alzheimer’s Journey, and her dementia and senior advisor training.

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Get help with your Dementia care decisions

It’s pretty common to wait until something BIG happens to your loved one or their primary caregiver before you realize how bad things are and that they’re getting worse.

You need solutions that work for everyone in your family, including your loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s.  I’m here to create a customized dementia journey plan with you so you have no regrets or guilt when looking back on this journey. With a plan comes peace of mind.

Don’t you deserve a fellow journeyman to support you during this four to eight years, someone you can trust, who’s been in your shoes?



The Facts about Dementia and Alzheimer’s

1 out of 9 people over the age of 65 are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It’s not like any other disease. It stops a person from being able to function and perform activities of daily living, requiring 24/7  “eyes on” care.

Many seniors want to prepare for their future so their children don’t feel burdened with difficult decisions. This is especially true when children live elsewhere or don’t get along. Indecision can be your enemy when it comes to making care choices.

It’s vital to your well-being and quality of life to have an objective and experienced expert who has lived the journey help you and your family members navigate the waters around preparation for dementia-related disease.

Read how you can get prepared.


Work with a Qualified Dementia Care Consultant

Pam Ostrowski has the following senior care and dementia care certifications.

Pam Ostrowski Alzheimer's Family Consulting

Pam Ostrowski Certified in Dementia Care® CDC®

Pam Ostrowski Certified Dementia Practitioner

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