There is ONE thing that can calm uncertainty and fear. That thing is Answers.

Dementia brings with it daily uncertainty and a fear of what the future brings. Isn’t it time you get help to build your plan for how you’ll handle your loved one’s dementia? Don’t you deserve to learn new skills to make your story with your loved one the best it can be – a story with no guilt and no resentment. Just knowing that you did the best you could.

Here’s what working together COULD look like:

  1. Start with a complimentary 30-minute call to cover the basics of your situation and how I can assist you.
  2. Book a 90-minute Discovery call for the deep dive into each of your and your loved one’s current challenges (this call’s fee goes toward the Kickstart Program if you decide to build a plan for the best care and peace of mind).
  3. Participate in the Kickstart Program where we create a personalized, criteria-based plan and I work with you regularly through all of the challenges each month for 3 months.
  4. Sign up for a Maintenance Package where you can get 6 sessions to be used over 12 months for those times when the journey becomes more challenging.

You need an Alzheimer’s Plan for YOU and your Loved One.

As a dementia and Alzheimer’s family expert, I’ll work with you on all of your concerns and decisions, providing a phased customized plan along with guidance from experience,  research, and training, to help you strategize in all aspects of the journey (how to prepare legally, financially, medically, emotionally and personally).

I’m here for you, the family member, who’s now caregiving for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s. I’ve lived your journey and I’m here for the difficult conversations and to help you navigate this complex journey.

As your dementia and Alzheimer’s journey lifeline, I’ve worked with primary and palliative care physicians, neurologists, assisted living and memory care management and hospice through our 14-year Alzheimer’s journey.  I know the processes, the challenges, and the emotions you’ll experience.

You do not want to take this journey alone. Let’s work together so you have an objective, experienced dementia and Alzheimer’s journey navigator by your side.

Get Situation-Based Solutions as an Alzheimer’s Family

The four to eight-year Alzheimer’s journey after diagnosis is an emotional and decision-making rollercoaster. Now, you have the opportunity to have support on this journey. You should not be on this path alone.

From these sessions, you’ll receive:

  • A caregiving plan matched to your and your loved one’s needs and situation
  • Answers to your dementia and Alzheimer’s care questions throughout your journey
  • Tools to ensure you make the best decisions for your loved one
  • Tips on how to anticipate issues before they happen and have the tools to handle them for the best outcome

I offer situation-based services so that, depending on what’s going on with you and your loved one, we have the right plan in place.

Quarterly – For when things are going well
Monthly – For when we’re planning for the next stage or there’s been a change in care
Bi-weekly – For when important conversations and decisions need to be made sooner than later, such as when building the initial comprehensive plan.
Weekly – For when there is conflict, indecision, or denial and we need to take action to reach a resolution

Gift My Services

Frequently, at least one family member is remote and can’t physically assist with the loved one’s Alzheimer’s care. Show your support by gifting my services to support your family member who is doing the heavy lifting as Alzheimer’s caregiver.

Please reach out through this contact form below. I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.  I look forward to hearing from you. Once you reach out to me, I will email you some times to set up a no-obligation, private conversation to talk about your specific situation and how we might work together.