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Our Approach

Why Share This Journey?

Each person's journey with a loved one with Alzheimer's or dementia (aka neurodegenerative disease) is very personal. I'm sharing my journey so that others currently on theirs or about to embark on theirs can benefit from our experiences.

My caregiving webiste, Alzheimer's Family Consulting, augments my book It's Not That Simple. It's a resource full of tips, tools, and experiences to help with the myriad decisions those supporting loved ones with these diseases encounter.

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Our Story

As the last child out of the house, I spent a lot of time with my parents. They were my best friends. When I noticed changes in Mom's behaviors, I knew it was my time to prepare for what turned into a 14-year journey.

Mom's journey with Alzheimer's was long (and yes, exhausting) but I was happy to help her every step of the way.  My dad was her primary caregiver for the first six years until they moved to assisted living. I wanted to write a book that covered all of the different elements of our journey, from struggling with when to move to a care community to selecting a community to the emotions that everyone experiences (hello fear, guilt and frustration!).

If you're looking for a resource to use as your family caregiving guide on your Alzheimer's or dementia journey, this website and the book can help you tremendously. If you have specific challenges or questions, reach out to me.

I hope that you find this website and the book It's Not That Simple helpful on your own journey. Please be sure to Like the It's Not That Simple Facebook page, read the posts and ask your questions so that everyone can benefit.

Meet Pam Ostrowski

I've been a writer and communicator all of my life (lots of time spent after school for talking too much!). LOL! Science and math have always fascinated me and so I combined the two and have both my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Scientific and Technical Communications.

I've run my consulting firm, Service Organization Strategies, Inc. (S.O.S.), for over two decades. I'm grateful to all of my clients, from small businesses to the Fortune 1000, for the experiences we've had. I've met so many wonderful, brilliant people in my life as a consultant.

I've had the pleasure of speaking to large groups, leading webinars and in-person workshops  and helping businesses grow. I was raised with strong ethics and an instinct to help others. Those are my guiding principles in all I do.

My book, It's Not That Simple is my way of sharing my 14-year journey with my Mom who suffered from Alzheimer's and my Dad's much shorter journey with dementia. I've written it as a handbook to all those out there wondering what's happening to their loved one, what to expect, what does it mean long-term, and how to gain insight and perspective from the experience in a healthy way.

Next Steps...

If you feel you need the listening ear of a compassionate person who has been on this journey, need some help with moderating family conversations, or are looking for someone who can speak on this important topic affecting 5.8 million people today, please reach out to me.